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Michelle Fifer is an Administrator, Executive Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Sequential Entrepreneur, Army Veteran, Wife and Mother but most importantly, a survivor, who turned her challenging life story into a powerful testimony. Michelle has an aptitude of empowerment in pushing others into purpose.

Michelle is the CEO and founder of Women of Power, NFP (WOP) a mobile resource center whom mission is help bring resources to Women and their children along with Veterans. During her 13-year tenure, Fifer has assisted so many families whom lives resembled her former years. Her passion to help the people she encounters resulted in a favorable numerical reach in the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburban area.

Michelle earlier years helped her birthed  Women of Power. Growing up in a deprive community with lack of opportunities and an absent mother made life seem trying.  Repeatedly, hearing what she could not do or accomplish because of her environment didn’t resonate with her heart.  She learned that there were so many myths of why people couldn’t accomplish their true purpose. ‘People perish because of a lack of knowledge’ says Fifer

Michelle turned the stereotype product of her environment into a successful mansion and reached beyond the impossible.  Fifer is CEO/ founder of Beacon Innerprise , LLC.  Concurrently, Fifer has worked as professional Corporate Human Resource Trainer  within the Banking industry for over 20 years. With her many experiences she has obtained her Green belt in Lean Six Sigma and is an experienced Project Manager . Fifer is a United States Army Veteran where she served in Saudi Aribia during Desert Shield/Desert Storm war as an Avionics Mechanic for the 101st Air Assault unit.

Michelle enjoy and live to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Fifer is an Ordained Minister at His Glory International Covenant Ministries, where she and her husband serve as Senior Leaders.

Michelle main goal is to empower people to eliminate excuses.  She is determined to use her gifts   to empower with results. She wants people to be the person God intended them to be instead of living in a myth. There is purpose in every flower in the garden. Sometimes it takes a little watering, a lot of love and faith to bring some of the flowers back to life. Fifer has excepted the calling.

Michelle Fifer- CEO, Founder

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